Planning Grid

The Regional Mediaworks Radio Planning Grid is an initiative created by Regional Mediaworks and is designed to assist clients in planning their regional radio campaigns.

The Planning Grid is an Excel spreadsheet that details all commercial radio stations in Regional Australia. It lists all station names, the state and market those stations are based in and a number of other details that give the user a snapshot of each station, including if it's an AM or FM and also a 30 second BMAD rate.

Also built into the grid is the potential audience for each regional station as well as the average audience the station delivers, the TARP percentage and a Cost per Thousand figure. This information can be used to estimate the cost of a radio campaign by entering how many spots the user wishes to purchase or alternatively how many TARP's the user needs to achieve.

The great advantage of the Planning Grid is that subscribers have access to radio data based on a range of demographics thus enabling the user to clearly identify the station that best meets their requirements.

The Grid is free to subscribe to and is updated and sent out to subscribers as radio surveys or other changes to stations occur in Regional Australia.

The Grid also includes a Metropolitan template that allows users to input rates, potential audience and average audience delivery based on a specific time period and demographic. 

If you would like to receive the full version of the grid please click on the Request Planning Grid link and after filling out some basic information about yourself you will be placed on our subscription list and have complete access to the entire grid and also receive updates as they occur.


Request a Planning Grid

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