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Regional television stations represented by Regional Mediaworks have the potential to reach over 7.6 million viewers or 90% of the Australian population who live in regional TV market areas.

Regional Mediaworks Television successfully connects with people in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

Southern Cross has two key primary channel brands that cater for these markets:

Souther Cross Ten
  • Queensland
  • Northern NSW
  • Southern NSW
  • Victoria
Souther Cross Television
  • Darwin
  • Central Australia
  • Spencer Gulf
  • Tasmania


Southern Cross Ten

Southern Cross Ten

Queensland, Northern NSW, Southern NSW and Victoria

Southern Cross Ten has the potential to connect with over 6.4 million viewers in Queensland, Northern NSW, Southern NSW and Victoria.

Southern Cross TEN carries the same top rating programming as its direct affiliate Network Ten. A common program stream is delivered to consumers along the eastern seaboard, but where appropriate Southern Cross Ten has the scope to customise and localise programming and advertising. In effect, this gives advertisers the ability to reach their audiences more efficiently and effectively.

Southern Cross Television

Southern Cross Television


Southern Cross TV is the number one network in Tasmania and reaches a potential audience of 510,000 people. SC TV Tasmania delivers programming through our affiliation with Network Seven.


Southern Cross TV reaches a potential audience of 129,600 people in Darwin and transmits programmes from Network Seven.


 Southern Cross Television

Central Television Network

Southern Cross Central - Satellite

Southern Cross Central is a satellite delivered service and transmits programmes from Network Seven. Southern Cross Central can reach 438,600 people throughout the NT, QLD and parts of NSW, VIC and SA.


Southern Cross Spencer Gulf - Port Pirie/Broken Hill

Southern Cross Spencer Gulf (Port Pirie/Broken Hill) reaches a potential audience of 138,700 people in regional South Australia. The market consists of Southern Cross GTS/BKN, which runs the same programming as Network Seven and Southern Cross Ten, which takes Network 10 programming.

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